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Even less deep thoughts . . .

or . . . why am I reading this?

Save the internet. Stop SOPA
In support AGAINST SOPA my websites: The Dragonball Asylum, Dueling Hearts, & Hikari no Tenshi, will be joining the blackout today and will be closed from 08:00 am to 08:00 pm (EST).

Want to know more? Check out these links and find out.




So the 3D Yu-Gi-Oh! Movie hit the theaters today . . . just not anywhere near where I live.

My sister and I are royally pissed about it. We live in the third largest city in the state and we would have to either drive two and a half hours to some town outside of St. Louis or make the slightly shorter but still waaaaay too long drive to Little Rock. ARGH!!! What the hell did Missouri do to deserve such exclusion?! I know there's a lot of fans who would love to see the movie and we've always gotten all the other obscure SJ related movie releases, so why not this one?

Our only hope is that we get the second March showing.

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *squeals happily*
My boyfriend of four years has finally proposed! *shrieks and bounces happily in place*

The story starts at the beginning of the holidays . . . with a couple weeks of vacation on our hands, we had decided to go spend a few days down at the Crescent Hotel. (Spas, massages, and ghosts, what more could a girl want?) Sadly this was not meant to be, as while I was recovering from the flu I caught at work, my wonderful fiance-to-be caught bronchitis and coughed so hard he hurt his back! This happened just days before Christmas so the two of us were unable to spend it together as we had the last few years. Between family, friends, and myself we helped him out until he could actually walk around again, but that took well into the first week of January. The bronchitis delayed a lot of his back healing. We did get to spend New Years together though and watched the zombie marathon on Chiller.

It was during his recovery period that we exchanged gifts and he presented me with an oddly heavy Mickey Mouse bag. Inside was a black box with a purple bow on it, which he removed and revealed a clear Rosenthal crystal gemstone paperweight. He explained that he hadn't been able to find a ring he thought I would like and that we could go shopping for one.

This really shows how well he knows me: a Mickey Mouse bag and the promise of a ring, how could I resist? Seriously, I loved the sentiment and only wished he hadn't been in so much pain. But life exists to throw us curve balls and I've long since learned to roll with the punches.

So not only am I insanely happy, but I'm also a lot less stressed. There's been an unusually high amount of bridal, engagement advertisements this last year and I've been twitchy as hell. I had even resorted to some "not-entirely-subtle" hinting in the last few months, so he didn't have much to worry about. I was totally going to say yes.

Okay, so I don't have my ring yet, but we'll get that taken care of soon. Looking at all the generic or just plain ugly selections available, we're probably going to have to have a custom one made. I've already got a couple of ideas in mind. Hell, we're both artists and he's amazing at putting together 3-D models. He even knows a place that will take said model and make a wax form to take to a jeweler!

So now I've got a wedding to plan and I've got to organize getting our two households combined, and we've got to draw up some minor renovation plans to make room for us both. (The house doesn't have enough closet space for him, much less me.) There's so much to do and less than two years to do it! But I think I can pull it off and I've got my family to help prod me along when I get stuck or try to procrastinate.

I had one of my wisdom teeth pulled today. I really need all four of them out, but this one had to go. It was totally shot and I knew if I waited any longer it would go from being an inconvenience to a serious problem. The other three will follow next year when my stupid insurance will pay for 50% as opposed to the 25% they paid for this one. >_<

I had local anesthetic so I was awake for the whole thing. They had to numb me extra, cause I could feel it when she started jabbing at the center of the tooth. (It only looked dead, dammit.) I ended up with stitches too, but beyond that it came out fairly easily. One piece flew out and landed in my lap, but I didn't have my glasses on so I didn't get to see any of it. *pouts* I heard a couple of really loud cracks, which I thought was the oral surgeon breaking the tooth apart for easier removal. Mom told me it was actually the root being snapped out of my jaw. Ow. I'm glad I had her drive though. I was really shaky afterwords (nerves) and had to drop off my pain killer prescription, which I did need once the numbness wore off. My head hurt everywhere except where the tooth and incision was!

Between the prescribed drugs and the ibuprofen I'll be good though. I only took one of the prescribed ones and I was really out of it, so I'm gonna keep those to a minimum.

Art stuff:

I'm working on a lot of projects this month. Most of the clubs I'm in moved their contest deadlines to this month and I'm scrambling to get them all done. I know I don't have to do them, but I really want to!

Yugi x Anzu date - ran out of time
Yugi Autumn/Halloween - complete
Atemu stuck in video game - in progress
Yugi x Yami winter/holiday/New Years date - Not enough time before deadline
Seto x Jou winter AU - still waffling over ideas
Non-romance, any cast winter pic - still waffling over ideas
Duel! - too many ideas!

Why must I attempt to be so prolific?

Life, the Universe, and NaNoWriMo
As I claw my way back into my normal life, I look back on November with a sense of accomplishment . . . and a dim sense of horror.

This was without a doubt one of the busiest Novembers I have ever had. (Visiting or visits from relatives not counting.)

My work schedule practically doubled. One week, it literally doubled. I was training the new overnight dispatcher, so I got a lot of nice overtime, but it really wiped me out.

Then there was NaNoWriMo, a tremendous feat even in a normal November, but this year was pushing it. I had to do most of my writing the last ten days but still I managed to squeak through with 50,330 words this time. Higher than my first year, but not as high as I wanted. Still a victory is a victory, so I'll take it.

So what do I have to show for it? 5 new chapters for Evading Destiny, bringing it from my planned 17 to a nice even 20.

3 chapters of the first story from Preceding Destiny, the prequel series of short stories from the Retrieving Destiny Universe.

And last but not least: 10 chapters of a brand new story, starring our favorite Yu-Gi-Oh bois as youkai.

I hadn't planned on the new story. Really. Especially working on one but nooooo, my brain turned traitor on me. I was having one of my random bouts of insomnia when this really dark idea popped into my head. Unfortunately, the longer I stayed awake the more the idea poked at me and eventually I turned it into something less dark and disturbing and more darkish but with a happy ending. What can I say? I'm a sucker for them.

So I had to write it to get it out of my brain and wouldn't you know? It evolved from what I thought would be a short story, into a multi-chaptered fic that may end up novel length like most of my stories.

Editing has already begun and right now I'm posting what I didn't get to last month, hammering out the next chapter of My Moonlit Lover, working on the household Christmas decorating, updating my websites, and that's just what's on my current "to do" list, along with a million other things including drawing a really cute Yugi and Jonouchi pic for Christmas. My muses are already cringing in anticipation.

and we still haven't had that @#$%! garage sale!

Also LJ is again reminding me brutally as to why I usually just ignore this dang account by forcing me into the new system with a crap selection. Hell, maybe I'll make a custom layout again for it. Or not. Depends on if I ever feel up to it. >_

Oh God, I am soooo behind
Worn ragged Jou
I've got so much stuff to do and nothing seems to be going right.

I just realized that I got myself stuck in a rut and it's hard as hell climbing back out of it. It's not a matter of not having the time, it's more a matter of shitty time-management on my part.

I haven't done proper work on my websites in ages and they're in terrible need of updating. I used to work on the every month and put up large new sections every other month, but lately all I've been doing is minor updates at best.

Adding to the mess are the four uncolored pics I haven't finished, the insane backlog of drawings that haven't even been started, the three fanfics I'm working on, the list of stories I haven't even started, and the herd of video games I haven't finished.

I'm also having to deal with problem after problem at work (and since my Mom works there, she vents about her problems and adds to my stress), essentially getting continually screwed over and jerked around by them. Then I keep having to deal with getting looked over for IT jobs because I have no experience (which I can't get if no one will give me a chance) and I'm a girl. Trust me, it may be 2010, but most IT department heads are the same sexist assholes that were in charge back in the 80s. I'm trying to save for a car since mine died permanently. I had to help take care of a family friend this week, ended up going to the Emergency Room with her, (she's okay now) and there's a host of new stressors related to that. My boyfriend is trying to get his house fixed, since the previous owners were lying assholes who put a pretty cover over a mess, so I'm stressing for his sake. And then with all this, I keep randomly worrying about the inevitable future.

I'M AT A-KON! !!!!!!
Me, my sister Aoi-Ryu, and my boyfriend Kichigai are down in Dallas, TX for A-kon 21. Time for three days of complete and total nerd immersion. Friday and Saturday, Aoi-Ryu and I will be cosplaying as Chichi and Bulma from Dragonball. (Not Dragonball Z, but their younger counterparts from Dragonball.) Aoi-Ryu is wearing the outfit that Chichi wore when she fought Goku at the Tenkaichi Budokai and I'm wearing Bulma's outfit from the cover of volume 10. (They also made a figure of it.)

On Sunday, I'll be wearing my navy-blue Seto Kaiba shirt (from Yu-Gi-Oh!), glasses, my purple Converse, and I'll have purple streaks in my red hair. Aoi-Ryu will be wearing her black Jonouchi shirt (also from Yu-Gi-Oh!) So keep an eye out for us throughout the convention. We do accept random hugs both in and out of costume.

I hate my job. I mean really hate it. Today I got a basic, half-assed excuse as to why they increased the hours of my two worst co-workers. They conveniently forgot that not only were the 8 hours on MY shift and that I had seniority over both of them, but also that I had asked on two separate occasions to have my hours increased!

Furthering the insult, on a previous occasion, when another co-worker (who had the same hours as I did) asked to increase her hours, they did it within a couple of months! Whereas I put in two requests and they give the hours to the sheep and the idiot. This is just further proof that ass-kissing is the only way to get anywhere in my job.

Sick. Sick. Sick. Sick. Sick. Sick. SICK.
Worn ragged Jou

I feel awful. Dad says I look pretty rough and if he says it then I know it's bad. My head hurts, I feel queasy, and I'm still recovering from whatever bug I managed to catch last week. I started getting sick on Sunday and it just went downhill from there. I actually missed two days of work because of it. I even had a fever!

I'm still feeling bad enough that I'm staying home tonight instead of going out with Andy. *whines pitifully*

Colds, Garage Sales, & NaNoWriMo
Worn ragged Jou

I've got a cold and I'm feeling really run down so this'll be a short one.

My family had a garage sale this weekend and that went pretty well. I'd go into more detail, but nah . . .

NaNoWriMo has started! Yay! Unfortunately, I'm behind schedule due to my cold and a busy schedule. However, despite my being behind, I'm still well ahead of what I had written last year at this date. So I'm hoping that I'll recover quickly and be able to get back into writing full swing.

I am in soooo much pain right now.
Worn ragged Jou
Today we finally had our MASSIVE garage sale. @_@

It was a hell of a lot of work but it went really well. We sold a ton of stuff, including several things that we thought would never go. Needless to say, we're all pretty happy with ourselves. ^_^

Unfortunately, I hurt all over from hauling stuff all day yesterday and today, plus all the gofering I did. >_<